Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kamala WWF Hasbro action figure

Name: Kamala

Series: 7

Year: 1993

Approximate market price: $5 to 15$ for Kamala with a star on the belly. Several hundred or thousand dollars for the very rare Kamala with a moon on the belly.

Accessories: None

Description: White paint on face, 2 withe stars on chest, 1 yellow star (or yellow moon) on belly, white necklace and black & white loincloth.

Special move: Kamala Krush

Extremely rare figure: Only about 24 Kamala figures were produced with a moon on the belly. This very rare Hasbro is therefore sold at high prices. Lookout for fakes/imitations.

Career: Born James Harris in 1950 in Mississippi, Kamala made his debut under the name "Sugar Bear" Harris in 1978. The Kamala persona was created in Tennessee with the help of Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler. Called Kimala at first, Harris portrayed a cannibal from Uganda.

Kamala wrestled for the WWF from 1986 to 1988 before making a comeback in the early 1990s and leaving in 1993. Kamala then worked for World Championship Wrestling where he was victorious at his first pay-per-view (1995's Bash at the Beach) but eventually left the company in October of 95.

Kamala made a few other appearances in the WWE: Wrestlemania X-Seven's Gimmick Battle Royal, a 2004 Diva Search segment, Smackdown in August 2005, 2005's Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view, 2006's Vengeance and the Raw after Vengeance.

Kamala also makes some appearances at independant wrestling shows and was part of TNA's 2008 Slammiversary.

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